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Chapter 2. Moshe Benziman and the Discovery of Cyclic Di-GMP
Dorit Amikam, Haim Weinhouse, and Michael Y. Galperin
in the Book "The Second Messenger Cyclic Di-GMP". (buy here)
Editors: Alan J. Wolfe and Karen L. Visick , ASM Press, December 2009

The articles listed below are listed at NCBI (The National Center for Biotechnology Information).
Using the following search: ( D [Author] )

Rapid development of post-radiotherapy sarcoma and breast cancer in a patient with a novel germline 'de-novo' TP53 mutation.
Salmon A, Amikam D, Sodha N, Davidson S, Basel-Vanagaite L, Eeles RA, Abeliovich D, Peretz T.
Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol). 2007 Sep;19(7):490-3. Epub 2007 Jun 14.

A novel MLH1 mutation harbored as a germ line aberration by a young woman of an HNPCC-like family and exhibited by a CML patient when occurring prior to the initiation of the blast phase concomitant with a c-MYC amplification.
Amikam D, Leshanski L, Sagi M.
Int J Mol Med. 2006 Jun;17(6):1023-6.

Cyclic di-GMP as a second messenger.
Römling U, Amikam D.
Curr Opin Microbiol. 2006 Apr;9(2):218-28. Epub 2006 Mar 10. Review.

PilZ domain is part of the bacterial c-di-GMP binding protein.
Amikam D, Galperin MY.
Bioinformatics. 2006 Jan 1;22(1):3-6. Epub 2005 Oct 25.

A novel case of a CAT to AAT transversion in codon 179 of the p53 gene in a supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor harbored by a young girl. Case report and review of the literature.
Postovsky S, Ben Arush MW, Elhasid R, Davidson S, Leshanski L, Vlodavsky E, Guilburd JN, Amikam D.
Oncology. 2003;65(1):46-51.

Maternal mosaicism for a second mutational event--a novel deletion--in a familial adenomatous polyposis family harboring a new germ-line mutation in the alternatively spliced-exon 9 region of APC.
Davidson S, Leshanski L, Rennert G, Eidelman S, Amikam D.
Hum Mutat. 2002 Jan;19(1):83-4.

Genetic data indicate that proteins containing the GGDEF domain possess diguanylate cyclase activity.
Ausmees N, Mayer R, Weinhouse H, Volman G, Amikam D, Benziman M, Lindberg M.
FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2001 Oct 16;204(1):163-7.

Phosphodiesterase A1, a regulator of cellulose synthesis in Acetobacter xylinum, is a heme-based sensor.
Chang AL, Tuckerman JR, Gonzalez G, Mayer R, Weinhouse H, Volman G, Amikam D, Benziman M, Gilles-Gonzalez MA.
Biochemistry. 2001 Mar 27;40(12):3420-6.

Elevated expression of the CD4 receptor and cell cycle arrest are induced in Jurkat cells by treatment with the novel cyclic dinucleotide 3',5'-cyclic diguanylic acid.
Steinberger O, Lapidot Z, Ben-Ishai Z, Amikam D.
FEBS Lett. 1999 Feb 5;444(1):125-9.

Three cdg operons control cellular turnover of cyclic di-GMP in Acetobacter xylinum: genetic organization and occurrence of conserved domains in isoenzymes.
Tal R, Wong HC, Calhoon R, Gelfand D, Fear AL, Volman G, Mayer R, Ross P, Amikam D, Weinhouse H, Cohen A, Sapir S, Ohana P, Benziman M.
J Bacteriol. 1998 Sep;180(17):4416-25.

c-di-GMP-binding protein, a new factor regulating cellulose synthesis in Acetobacter xylinum.
Weinhouse H, Sapir S, Amikam D, Shilo Y, Volman G, Ohana P, Benziman M.
FEBS Lett. 1997 Oct 20;416(2):207-11.

Expanded size span and multiple alleles exhibited by Ethiopian Jews analyzed with APC gene-linked DNA markers.
Amikam D, Niv D, Lachter J, Eidelman S, Ben-Ishai Z.
Isr J Med Sci. 1997 Jan;33(1):78-9. No abstract available.

The use of DNA markers in the pre-clinical diagnosis of familial adenomatous polyposis.
Amikam D, Niv D, Lachter J, Eidelman S, Ben-Ishai Z.
Isr J Med Sci. 1997 Jan;33(1):8-13.

The novel cyclic dinucleotide 3'-5' cyclic diguanylic acid binds to p21ras and enhances DNA synthesis but not cell replication in the Molt 4 cell line.
Amikam D, Steinberger O, Shkolnik T, Ben-Ishai Z.
Biochem J. 1995 Nov 1;311 ( Pt 3):921-7.

A correlation between the expression of the bcr-abl chimeric gene and severity of the clinical state of CML patients with time.
Amikam D, Henig C, Carter A, Sharon R, Ben-Ishai Z.
Scand J Immunol. 1995 Jun;41(6):529-33.

Molecular analysis of an asymptomatic Ph-positive CML patient with 27 years of prolonged remission.
Amikam D, Henig C, Sharon R, Tatarsky I, Ben-Ishai Z.
Am J Hematol. 1994 Aug;46(4):358-62.

Polypeptide composition of bacterial cyclic diguanylic acid-dependent cellulose synthase and the occurrence of immunologically crossreacting proteins in higher plants.
Mayer R, Ross P, Weinhouse H, Amikam D, Volman G, Ohana P, Calhoon RD, Wong HC, Emerick AW, Benziman M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1991 Jun 15;88(12):5472-6.

The cyclic diguanylic acid regulatory system of cellulose synthesis in Acetobacter xylinum. Chemical synthesis and biological activity of cyclic nucleotide dimer, trimer, and phosphothioate derivatives.
Ross P, Mayer R, Weinhouse H, Amikam D, Huggirat Y, Benziman M, de Vroom E, Fidder A, de Paus P, Sliedregt LA, et al.
J Biol Chem. 1990 Nov 5;265(31):18933-43.

Genetic organization of the cellulose synthase operon in Acetobacter xylinum.
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1990 Oct;87(20):8130-4.

Cyclic diguanylic acid and cellulose synthesis in Agrobacterium tumefaciens.
Amikam D, Benziman M.
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Cloning of a gene involved in cellulose biosynthesis in Acetobacter xylinum: complementation of cellulose-negative mutants by the UDPG pyrophosphorylase structural gene.
Valla S, Coucheron DH, Fjaervik E, Kjosbakken J, Weinhouse H, Ross P, Amikam D, Benziman M.
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Characterization of Vibrio fischeri rRNA operons and subcloning of a ribosomal DNA promoter.
Amikam D, Kuhn J.
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Mycoplasmal ribosomal RNA genes and their use as probes for detection and identification of Mollicutes.
Razin S, Amikam D, Glaser G.
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Mycoplasmas (Mollicutes) have a low number of rRNA genes.
Amikam D, Glaser G, Razin S.
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Physical mapping of the ribosomal RNA genes of Mycoplasma capricolum.
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Molecular and biological features of mollicutes (mycoplasmas).
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Characterization of the mycoplasma genome.
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Ribosomal RNA genes in Mycoplasma.
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