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Dorit with her dog, Cinnamon

About the artist and author; Dr. Dorit Amikam:


Dr. Dorit Amikam is a molecular oncologist. Her research has dealt mainly with Cancer, sporadic and familial such as colon cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer leukemia etc... Dr. Amikam`s work engaged in developing state of the art diagnosis systems for cancer and implementing those systems to diagnose cancer. Part of her time was dedicated to genetic counseling of families harboring a cancer causing gene, and lecturing her courses that were mostly teaching about her work, and the genes involved in causing and preventing Cancer . Dorit was adored by her students and through the years gained the respect of her fellow colleagues. During her career, she was invited to lecture all around the world in international conferences to talk about and present her work. Her numerous publications can be found at the links in this site.

Dorit was always captured with and fascinated by the phenomenon of strong women, women who met adversities in their lives and battled their way through stormy events, personally and professionally, while all the way when doing so, strengthening themselves, and their surroundings, that being their loved ones, their work places, their world. Our world.

All the latter emotions, feelings and fascinations are being expressed in her various Galleries, always viewing the Woman as an appealing, strong, proud and intelligent creation, a mystery...

For Dorit, the fact that women are strong, is looked upon only from a positive angle; These women can express their abilities, their inner power and talents, all by which they strengthen all that is around them and thus ultimately the world. It is a win win situation to Dorit`s out look, and is beneficiary to all, men and women alike, thus the universe; A woman is a creation of wonder...

All theses feelings, emotions and ideas of the artist, Dorit, accompanied by her experiences in her personal and professional life are being expressed in her drawings, in her various galleries, by her colors, backgrounds, images and the jewelry decorating her women, be it an imperial woman-the Empress of China, a concubine of His majesty the Emperor, a flower girl that has her own beauty, strength and appeal and women where ever they are at, barring their jeweled Scar on their proud breast, a Scar that symbolizes their battle whether won or lost, but still a strong very worthy, to be proud of - battle.

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